I'm Mel Wakely.

Mel is the founder of Video Queen™️ Business Mentor & Mindset Coach For Freedom-Focused Midlife Women Who Want To Be Seen As The No. 1

In Their Niche and Know Video Is the Fast-Track To client Attraction and Big Growth.

  • Mel is a marketing expert with over 25 years big brand experience and 8 years in social media...there's not much she doesn't know!

  • Clients have used these sessions to plan out a launch, create a bespoke content strategy or to overcome tech-fears so you can go on to create content effortlessly

  • Choose from 3 hrs on Zoom or come to London and spend a morning with me

  • An intimate content creation party – 3 month's of video & photos done with you in London (also for Gloucester & Manchester)

  • There’ll be no more than 4 women.

  • You’ll all be midlife female transformational coaches or service-based businesses - neurodivergent very welcome and catered for

  • You’ll walk away with a goody bag of the most compelling video content (30 pieces and the best you've ever created, headshots, background video (B roll) AND some new BFFs 👯

  • There's something to suit all budgets wherever you're at on your entrepreneurial queenager journey

  • VIP Content Creation Days

  • Hybrid 'Done For You' VIP VIDEO QUEEN membership

  • Low-cost VIDEO QUEEN annual membership for start-up coaches to learn the basics without a big investment

  • Or come and hang out with some rock star CEOs (who also happen to be going through menopsause)? Join my free community for Entrepreneurial Queenagers and find all the support & love you'll ever need


"Mel helped me shift my visibility fears and I no longer think I have nothing interesting to say"

"Mel saved me hours of faffing around & keeps me accoutable. I love video now."

"I wouldn't be on TikTok withour Mel's help - her creaticity and strategic thinking have been a game-changer"

Mel is your Video Queen® - Business Mentor & Mindset Coach.

Mel is on a mission to help as many midlife women (Queenagers) as possible to embrace video content and create unstoppable success so we can claim freedom-focused retirement.

Mel helps women with service-based, online businesses to ditch any visibility fears through deep subconscious work & mentors you to create a compelling, video-led content strategy that is rooted in client attraction and sales.

Video is the must-have visibility strategy for client attraction and audience growth on social media.

Video content the most easiest, fastest and most effective way to grow the trust factor & get visible AF.

People buy from people they like and video enables you to collapse time on building likeability and trust. The 2 things you need to sell your service online.

As a business mentor and mindset coach who is not only accredited in the transformational Belief Coding® modality as well as positive psychology coaching; BUT also has over 20 years of marketing agency experience, Mel’s mission is to help women in their midlife achieve their dream of retiring by 60 ish a millionaire, with a lasting legacy for their children and showing the world Gen X women rock and we're here to HAVE IT ALL 🙌 without any shame or guilt.

Mel joined the online, entrepreneur space in 2021, following 10 years running her marketing consultancy and 15 years prior to that, working on big consumer brand campaigns.

Mel has invested heavily in her own personal development since 2020. She has transformed herself through her investments going from armoured, closed off and having no self-worth to the rock star CEO she is today. Her grit, enthusiasm and sheer determination to succeed has seen her business grow & become visible AF using the power of video marketing.

Hello Manifesting Generators 3/5 & ADHD women 🙋🏼‍♀️

Neurodivergent women and other misfits very welcome!

Mel is a best-selling author with her book "Step Aside & Rise.

Coming soon is a podcast for female entrepreneurs who are ready to step into their rock star CEO life & live their best life ever.

Mel lives in Walthamstow, East London (UK), with her two sons.

A Marketing & Events Expert Who's Worked On Some Incredible Brand Campaigns...

MINI 2003 - Leads Gay Pride

Live OB for TOTP with Eminen

Gail Porter Projection - Cunning Stunts 1999

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